Happy Lawn? Summer Lawn Watering Do’s and Don’ts

May 27, 2016
August 17, 2016
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Happy Lawn? Summer Lawn Watering Do’s and Don’ts

It has been a warm summer so far and it looks like it will keep up that pattern for a while.

Lets start with the Don’ts

Don’t use the sprinklers in the blazing hot sun. 

Using sprinklers when it’s sunny and 85+ degrees is not good! Practically all the water applied will evaporate into the hot air before ever reaching the roots.

Don’t use the sprinklers when it’s raining.

We are already watering more because it is so hot, try to not let them run when it is raining also. It will save on the water bill and the environment!  (we offer a few choices in rain sensors call the office for details! )

 Don’t use sprinklers to water the street.

 A lot people set the sprinklers to go off in the early morning (as we suggest is best for the grass) and never see where the sprinklers are pointed. We can come out and do a check of the system and get it fined tuned for the best coverage! Or you could water asphalt, but that stuff just isn’t going to grow.


Now for the Do’s

Water at the right time. 

The best time to water is very early morning before it gets hot. Most of the water will make it to the roots. Plus, the grass blades will dry quickly, preventing disease problems.

Don’t mow your grass during droughts. 

Cut grass loses lots of moisture through cut blades and turns brown if you don’t water it right away.

If You Do Cut your grass, cut at the highest recommended height for your grass. 

Taller grass shades and cools the ground, reducing moisture loss. In a drought, taller grass always stays greener longer than shorter grass. So cut bluegrass at 2 to 3 inches, tall fescue at 3 inches, perennial rye grass at 2 inches, Bermuda at 1-1/2 to 2 inches, Centipede at 2 inches, St. Augustine at 3 to 4 inches, and Zoysia at 2 inches.

We Hope You are Enjoying Your Summer and Have a Happy Lawn! 

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