Sprinkling Services & Repair



Splash Irrigation is a premier contractor for K-Rain and Hydro-Rain state-of-the-art sprinkling systems. Both companies continue to lead the way for new and innovative products and techniques to improving lawn care. We also have other products available from Rainbird, Weathermatic, Toro, and Hunter.

All the products we use have been tested for reliability, efficiency, and ease of use for the customer.

The system underneath the sprinkler heads is just as important to providing an efficient, high quality sprinkling system. We use all NSF pipes beneath the ground, which is the highest quality piping available. The wire, which runs from the controller to the electric valves, is UL approved with waterproof connections. The last thing any customer wants is leaky pipes and faulty wiring that disables their sprinkler system. Quality from every fitting, to the major components are used on all the sprinkling systems installed and maintained by Splash Irrigation.

Sprinkler Setting Instructions PDF


  • We service all sizes and brands of irrigation systems!
  • We offer a yearly maintenance agreement which will give you a discount from our regular service prices. We have a few options that you can choose from. It can include Spring Startup and Winterization or you can also add a Mid-Season service call. Please ask if you are interested in this. In 2017 the contracts can be bought until April 15th to receive the discount.
  • We do any type of irrigation repair from simple broken heads to full rerouting of a system. Our service technicians are knowledgeable in all situations and products. In addition, if we do not have the exact product you need, we have the ability to match up your older or out of date product with new, more efficient irrigation products.


  • The best time to water is during the early morning hours, when the sun is low, winds are calm, and temperatures are cool.
  • Inspect sprinkler heads regularly. Look for leaky or non-rotating heads; this wastes water and causes water bills to be higher than necessary.
  • Install a rain sensor or other moisture detecting device; to save on water and money.
  • As landscaping matures, it might be necessary to trim plants or move your sprinkler to prevent interference with the spray area.
  • Keep your grass height at 3”; this will promote root growth and increase drought tolerance.