Underground Sprinkling System Installation

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Splash Irrigation has been serving Grand Rapids and the West Michigan area with expert underground sprinkling services since 1989. With over 30 years of excellence in lawn services, we’re the answer to a beautiful lawn and a well maintained underground sprinkling system.

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Underground Sprinkling Systems Experts

“Committed to Excellence since 1989”

SPLASH’S Underground Sprinkling System Installation

Splash Irrigation is a name you can trust. After 28+ years of quality work in irrigation in both residential and commercial, we are dedicated to our customers for all their irrigation needs. We use only the highest quality products on the market, such as K-Rain and Hydro-Rain. These products have been tested for reliability, efficiency, and ease of use for the customer. If your job requires a different product line, we would be able to accommodate your requests.

At Splash Irrigation we provide trenchless irrigation. What does that mean to you as a customer? After our expert crew finishes their installation, you won’t deal with the settling, and low spots in your yard. You also won’t have to deal with the extra expenses of re-leveling your yard and gardens. Best of all there will be no waiting for your grass to fill back in! Your irrigation can be installed in as little as one day without disruption to your landscape, and you won’t have to wait for large areas of grass to grow back that comes with traditional trenching methods.

Water Treatment Systems

This system makes iron/rust removal of your water easy! Available in small, pro-feeder inline system, all the way up to a 30 gallon injector feeder system. The systems we install have the ability to integrate a number of different products, such as rust and stain protection, fertilizers, and pest control products.

Revamping and Add-ons

Whether you have an older system that needs updating or you would like to add more sprinkling for your lawn. We can customize and adapt any system to fit your current needs. Splash can evaluate your current system and help you choose the best options for water conservation and to use the newest technologies that will suit your situation best.

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